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Michigan Auto Reform Is Here

Updated: Jan 14

You may have seen it in the news and here in AAA Living for months: Now Michigan no-fault auto reform is finally here. With renewals starting July 2, 2020, Michigan drivers can choose new Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage options that may help lower their auto insurance costs. The good news for all AAA members is that…

Whether your renewal date is here or months away, AAA Siracoff & Associates can help you save—starting today.

AAA Siracoff & Associates is here to provide you with information about the various new PIP options and the savings you can see. As fellow Michigan residents and motorists themselves, our agents are ready to provide you with information about the coverage you need, the security you expect, and the savings you desire.

You can call AAA Siracoff & Associates at any time, and with no obligation—even if you are not currently covered with insurance through AAA.

New savings through AAA no matter what level of protection you select.

Above and beyond any savings you may see from no-fault reform, AAA has reduced rates for our auto policyholders across the board. If you are insured through AAA now, we’ll be in touch before your renewal date to make sure you have all the facts, and the time, to make the right decision for you.

If you’re not already a AAA policyholder, this is a great time to check out the protection and service hundreds of thousands of members already enjoy. In addition to all the savings your AAA Membership brings on everything from travel and hotels to restaurants and gasoline, you’re also eligible for a number of discounts with auto, home, and life insurance through AAA, plus options to customize your coverage. Talking to one of our agents at AAA Siracoff & Associates costs you nothing. And there’s no obligation. It’s all part of the value of your membership.

We’ve been “on the road” serving Michigan drivers for over 100 years. Helping you navigate your path through our state’s new auto reform is just the latest example of the many ways we can assist. We are—quite literally—here to serve you.

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